Used to keep data about okemons the pokedex is one of the most importants parts of your inventory, where you can check information about al pokemons you have met on the game.At first you pokedex will be empty, and it`s uo to you fill it with data of the pokemons you encounter during your journey.

Full pokedex

Ful pokedex, with three pokemons on it

Your pokedex is composite by three major parts, The Identification panel, the Information board and the Pokemon List.

Indentification Panel

This panel contains the basic information about a pokemon, it's divided on two parts, left and right. At the left we have the basic info about a pokemon, such as its type, image, national dex number and its name. At the right we have the family tree of a pokemon, with its evolutionary states

Ìdentification panel

Information Board

This board has all the information about a pokemon, divided on three sections, Details, Moves and Types. each one of the sections can be selected by pressing the button with it's name on the left of the board.

  • Details: contains detailed information about the pokemon, such as description, evolution requirements, egg groups, abilities and special abilities.
  • Moves: contain information about basic moves of the pokemon, with learning level, power, cooldown, category and element type.
  • Types: list the types that the pokemon is resistant, weak, neutral and imunes to.
Information board

Pokemon List

This shows the list of pokemons you have already discovered and save the data on your pokedex

Pokemon list

pokemon list with three pokemon